2018 Accenture Study

A 2018 Accenture study revealed:

Firms with the best practices in hiring individuals with disabilities saw:

28 percent higher revenue

Double the net income

30 percent higher profit margins

On average over a 4-year period.


It’s estimated that if the number of people with disabilities in the labor force grew only 1 percent the U.S. gross domestic product could expand by as much as $25 billion.

About 61 million Americans have some kind of disability.

My goal is to publish the print and e-book copies of Working Assets: A Career Guide for Peers in this coming summer.

One of the workers quoted in the news article that referenced the 2018 study:

“has long felt the limitations of other people’s expectations.”

James Geary lives with cerebral palsy. People discounted why he would be going to college since they thought no employer would hire him.

Today he’s working at his dream job courtesy of InReturn Strategies a recruiting firm that was founded to tackle “the disability employment gap.”

In the end that is what my goal is too:

To help people living with mental health challenges find purposeful work that gives us joy and dignity.

Sane Artists Collective

The words Sane Artists Collective flashed into my head and onto a notebook at “10:15 on a Saturday Night”–like the title of the Cure song from the 1980s.

I had not set out to create a Facebook group. It happened in an instant. That’s when I realized that since I hadn’t gotten support on other social media groups that creating SAC would be perfect.

Too often peers with mental health challenges are crucified because we choose to take medication. So I would form SAC for others like me who want to be healthy so that we can create art.

Art is therapy. Making art can help a person heal.

The description of SAC:

Sane Artists Collective / SAC is an online support group for artists of any kind living in recovery and engaged in treatment. We believe in the transformative beauty of creating art to make the world a better place. SAC seeks to promote health and wellbeing so that members can create their chosen art. 

If you’re interested you can search on Sane Artists Collective on Facebook. To join a person must respond to 2 questions.

The premise behind using the term Sane was that Artists shouldn’t have to live their lives starving in a garret or going mad in pursuit of art-making.