Using an Employee Assistance Program

At a health conference I heard a woman talk about how the pressures of her job caused her so much stress that she cracked.

Before it gets to this point for you investigate whether your employer offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

This is a free benefit you might have as the employee of a company. I have an Employee Assistance Program at my union job.

This service offers links to counseling services and could also give staff members financial help information to manage your money.

In 1991 when I worked at my first job I met with an EAP counselor to talk about finding a support group or group therapy.

Whether the stress you’re experiencing is mild or severe or work-related or caused outside of your job it could benefit you to talk with an EAP counselor.

They can direct you to available therapy and financial options where you live.

Employers benefit when they offer their workers an Employee Assistance Program.

An EAP can boost morale. It can also help staff members get help that helps us lead happier and healthier lives on and off the job.

It’s called an Employee Assistance Program.

Should you need or want this kind of help ask the person in your HR department if your employer offers an EAP.

In a coming blog entry I’ll talk about the findings of a longitudinal study of Sustained Employment Among People with Psychiatric Conditions.

The news is good for getting and keeping a job long-term.