WFH Revisited

Setting up office space in your home is one thing. Showing up to your desk or dining table is another.

As hard as it can be I think you should make the effort to dress up. Wearing pajamas all day can put you in a depressed mood.

The question is: What comes first? Do you remain in your night clothes because you’re depressed? Or does wearing p.j.s flatten your mood?

Either way acting kinder to yourself is the way to go. Set 9:00 a.m. as the cut-off time. By this time in the morning try to be dressed in day clothes. Go easy on yourself on the days it takes you longer to get going.

I recommend writing entries in a grateful journal to record things you’re grateful for. Alternate these entries with writing 5 things that make you happy. A study reveals that keeping this kind of journal can boost a person’s mood.

OK–so you might not want to wear a suit to your home “office.” That’s OK. I recommend splurging on the Dressing Well Virtual Styling service. It costs you, yet the consultant can send you links to clothing items you can buy online for this “new normal” WFH scenario.

In the coming blog entry I’m going to talk about a cutting-edge book I read last week. Reading this book can infuse those of us stuck in dreary jobs with optimism and give us a clear path to freedom.