Having a Happy Post-Diagnosis Life

My intent in publishing Left of the Dial and Working Assets was to dramatize my positive experience of having a fulfilling post-diagnosis life.

Train wreck memoirs tend to be compulsive reading, yet do they empower readers to envision having a happy life?

Living the life in which you can enjoy working and living is just as compelling when it’s a success story.

The point is that you can love your life even though you have a diagnosis.

I’ve coached peers who have been unemployed or underemployed. One of them got a part-time job in a library.

One person I’ve heard of got accepted to law school. Another peer graduated from a university.

An individual I know has been happy to work as a cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts. One person is proud to mop floors at McDonald’s.

Whatever you do–even if it’s volunteer work–the point is to be able to get up every day and do something that makes you feel good.

My goal is to give others hope and joy. It’s because hope is the precursor to healing. And healing from an illness is possible when you do what gives you joy.

In a coming blog entry, I’m going to talk about self-acceptance. About how choosing your identity frees you to go down the path in recovery that is right for you.

Author: Christina Bruni

Christina Bruni is the author of the new book Working Assets: A Career Guide for Peers. She contributed a chapter "Recovery is Within Reach" to Benessere Psicologico: Contemporary Thought on Italian American Mental Health.

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