Direction of Blog

I will be taking a break from posting blog entries here until this coming Tuesday.

On Tuesday I will return with the book review of the recovery guide that a peer published to empower readers.

In the future I will be blogging on this website on Tuesdays and Fridays every week.

At this time I’m involved in an outside project.

I want to tell readers of this blog:

Yes–I care about everyone living on earth. I care about peers living in recovery.

It’s because I care that I implore readers:

Refrain from starting to smoke cigarettes.

Refrain from using any kind of street drugs even marijuana.

Recovery is often not possible when you have a mental health issue and an addiction at the same time.

In fact the continued use of street drugs could very well make it impossible for a person to recover.

I care a lot that everyone has the equal opportunity to recover.

On Tuesday of next week I will return with the book review.

Author: Christina Bruni

Christina Bruni is the author of the new book Working Assets: A Career Guide for Peers. She contributed a chapter "Recovery is Within Reach" to Benessere Psicologico: Contemporary Thought on Italian American Mental Health.

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