How to Be Well-thy

The Merriam Webster online definition of wealth:

  1. Abundance of valuable material possessions or resources
  2. Abundant supply: profusion.

The only definition that counts is abundant supply. True wealth hinges on happiness. Having an abundance of happiness is possible.

To wit chasing money and the things it can buy doesn’t often make a person any happier.

A research study revealed that $75K in income is the threshold where you are about as happy as you’ll ever be.

Earning more than $75K per year doesn’t make a person happier.

This matters because friends, family, and good fortune if you ask me all matter more than the amount of money in your bank account.

My maxim is that a person should be able to earn a livable income doing the job(s) they love.

The amount of money a person earns is not the point.

Enjoying yourself on and off the job is what matters.

The point is that doing what you love can bolster your mental health.

In coming blog entries I’ll talk about my own experience and that of others.