Strategies for Resiliency

In the webinar on managing stress the instructor talked about these things as well:

Building resiliency happens when we are able to feel we’re doing the best we can.

You might not feel like you have control. In fact I believe each of us has more control than we think we do.

My strategy has been to re-frame what I think about a situation or circumstance in my life.

Though the situation or circumstance might not change right now or ever I find that once I change how I view what’s going on it’s easier to cope with.

One strategy for resiliency is to ask what do you want to keep in your life and what do you want to discard.

Setting short-term goals and obtaining support for this is critical.

In the time of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak [which has not ended] I have set only two short-term goals.

Setting up a new weekly routine is my current objective.

I’ll end here by saying what turned around my recovery for the better was when I changed what I thought about having an illness.

Viewing what happened to me as the catalyst for finding my life’s purpose helped me put things in perspective–another strategy for resiliency–maintaining perspective..