Planning Each Week

In recovery as in life nothing is guaranteed.

Having a setback is often the only predictable outcome.

You might be rolling along and then something happens to change everything.

I’ve learned after living indoors for over four months that not everything in life can be controlled.

A person can choose their response. How you respond is within your control.

And sometimes how you respond isn’t always healthy.

The goal as I see it becomes to forgive yourself dust yourself off and get back up and try again the next day.

This is why in my estimation it’s not helpful to try to plan what’s going to happen five years from now.

Danica Patrick the race car driver in her fitness book Pretty Intense tells readers to do one healthy thing. Then do the next healthy thing. And one healthy thing after that. And so on.

This is how I’m planning my life while living through the COVID-19 outbreak which hasn’t gone away.

Breaking down my goals into weekly segments. Doing one thing in one day to manage this pandemic with its corresponding setbacks.

I call this the “one thing/one day” tactic.

To compartmentalize activities this way makes it easier to live through the uncertainty and unpredictability of what’s going on.

In two weeks I return to my job. I’d like to talk in here about the nature of returning to a job while the outbreak is still in effect.