The Bullet Journal Method

Today I’ll talk about how a nifty little product saved my life: The Bullet Journal.

The creator of the Bullet Journal Ryder Carroll had multiple learning disabilities. His invention was born out of his need to manage his workload.

A fellow Visionary Carroll sought to control his life and overcome the obstacles he faced.

The detail about Ryder Carroll having learning disabilities impressed me the most. He “turned his trials into triumphs”–the topic of a book I’ll review shortly.

I tell you: “No you can’t” is not an acceptable answer. In the first place why should we place the direction and outcome of our lives in another person’s hands or control?

Ryder Carroll invented a product to help himself. Then he crowdfunded the journal to sell it to others.

It cost me $31 total to buy the official hardbound Edition 2 of the Bullet Journal with the blush-color cover.

Every year or when the stock runs out a new color is introduced for the cover.

Keeping the Bullet Journal saved my life. I had checked out of the library the Ryder Carroll companion book The Bullet Journal: Track the Past Order the Present Design the Future.

The purpose of keeping and using the Bullet Journal is to align your actions with your values. It’s “A mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.”

The Bullet Journal Method book is available in over 20 languages. If you sign up for the Bullet Journal emails you get 15% off your first journal order.

There’s true empowerment to be had in this story.

I’ll end here with what resonates with me the most:

Ryder Carroll was not afraid to risk acting on his vision to help others by selling a product he invented first to help himself.

Executing a plan despite fearing what others will think of your vision is the only way to live.

It’s not easy to dream of doing something that you’re told can’t or shouldn’t be done. Having the courage to follow through with doing this thing is vital to your happiness.

T.S. Eliot is quoted: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

The older I get the more determined I am to go after my goals with gusto.

Using the Bullet Journal, I think I can achieve what I set out to.

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